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by CHERI on November 4, 2010

I want to introduce you ladies to the fabulous gals from Bee in Our Bonnet. I have had the privelege of working with them on the Crafting with the Stars competition. They are the ones I am competing with, although they do all the work and just ask my opinion about things.

They had me at this post: Wedding Cake Stands

Ashleigh has asked about copying some of my ideas, now it will be my turn because I am FOR SURE making some of these. That ruffled trim even matches my Bed and Breakfast Menu Board so I definitely need some of these.


Tam, from Sew Dang Cute, who is doing the Crafting with the Stars competition, sent out an e-mail with the Top 12 and asked if anyone had a preference of who they would like to work with.  I popped over and picked Kathryn and Ashleigh.


It has been fun getting to add in bits of advice like on week 2 (you’ll see the finished product down below) I suggested that they go to the Dollar Store and buy up a bunch of pool balls and use the <a href=””>DecoArt Fabric Paint Medium</a> and mix it with white paint.  Paint the balls so the boys could have SNOW BALL FIGHTS.  Now you get to meet the girls who do all the work.

Let’s meet these crafty gals–Kathryn and Ashleigh.

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My sister and I started this blog to keep a record of our creative outlets. Our mom was a creative, talented and fun-loving person who we get most of our inspiration from. We miss her dearly and wish we could ask her, “how do you…..” all the time. We imagine how fun it would be if she kept a blog of her tips, tricks and recipes, so we wanted to give that to our children.

We are different in the methods to our madness. Kathryn works fast, is an “impatient crafter,” thinks outside the box, and can work in any environment. I am a pickier, methodical (slower), detail-oriented person who loves to add order to my creativity. One thing we both have in common though, once we get a “bee in our bonnet,” it is PROJECT TIME. Our blog is full of crafts, cooking, kid stuff, holiday fun and more! We love getting inspired by other blogs and and crafty ladies and it is fun to think someone might be inspired from something we did!

Our favorite foods: If we were lunching together, we’d be at our favorite local mexican restaurant, ordering a super taco and a diet pepsi!

Our favorite Craft Tool:
Ashleigh: I love good quality cardstock for paper crafts and I have been known to snuggle my color swatch of bazzil cardstock. For food crafts I can’t get over my squeezie bottles. How many do you have to have before it qualifies as “hoarding?”
Kathryn: My paper trimmer and rotary cutter make quick work!

Our favorite colors are:
Ashleigh: I’m pretty boring because I love black and white! I’m learning to be a big kid now and I’m adding splashes of color here and there.
Kathryn: I’m not afraid of color and have been known to paint bright walls all over my house. The more color, the better!

We are inspired by:
Ashleigh: Of course my mom! I also have a small obsession with Martha and Becky Higgins, and I’m always inspired by cute blogs! Most of all I am inspired by my amazing family who I try to please and impress, everyday! Last but not least, music is hugely motivating and inspirational to me!
Kathryn: Colors inspire me when I’m creating. I’m also inspired by documenting my family history, making good memories, and getting things done!

The best blogging advice we ever got was to join a “linky party.” Not only did we get to share our projects, but it opened up the door for us to discover so much more out there in blogland!


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Crafting With the Stars has been a new and fun experience. It has given me a kick in the pants to get going on some of those things swirling around in my brain! I had been wanting to copy pottery barn’s wall cubby for a long time, so this was a great opportunity to get out the saw!

I’m using it as a place for our family’s “12 days of Christmas,” but the possibilities of what you could use it for are limitless.

I started with 3, 1×6’s and a little 1/4 inch plywood for the back.
It was as simple as 4 horizontals, 9 small vertical pieces, and then adding the sides.

Then a little spray paint and distressing was in order. I also hand painted the numbers on!

Here is the full tutorial for the wall cubby shelf.
I’d love to hear if you give it a try!

Last week their project was this BIG GUY:

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We have made it on to round 3. Half of the 12 are already gone–yes we are down to six.
We are working on FABRIC projects this week.

Some of our favorite projects have been, our brother’s wedding reception, another favorite the butterfly cake, and we just love planning birthday parties!
You are welcome to come over to “bee in our bonnet” for some light-hearted, creative fun!

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1 Ashleigh November 4, 2010 at 2:20 pm

Thanks for featuring us! You are AMAZING and I’m going to keep coming back for more! I love the thanksgiving ideas. I’m already thinking about my place settings!

2 Kylie W November 7, 2010 at 11:47 pm

Good info! Keep up these nice posts.

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