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Partner with Its So Very Cheri to share your business or blog with my readers.

Advertising with Its So Very Cheri gives you daily exposure to a specific demographic. Its So Very Cheri was created in May of 2009 and moved to WP in Feb 2010.  My readers are looking for creative, quality yet thrifty ways to do DIY home decor, crafting, decorating projects,  They are looking for ways to do renovating in a new and fresh way. My readers also enjoy cooking, baking and helpful tips. Many of my projects are also featured at the DIY Club

I love my readers and share with them items that I believe will add value to their lives.  My readers value my opinion.  My reputation is important to me.  I do not showcase everything that is offered to me.  If you have a product you think I’d love and appreciate, please contact me and let me know! You can reach me at  

For BLOGGERS and Etsy Shops:

 1) 125 x 125 button  $20 (monthly)

 2) 250 x 250 button  $35 (monthly)


For non corporate businesses 3 sizes of advertising spots:

1) 150 x 150 button  $30 (monthly)

2) 125 x 240 tower   $45 (monthly)

3) 335 x 280 jumbo  $60 (monthly)



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If you would like to offer my readers a discount I will feature those specials on my side bar. 



  I do host give-a-ways. I promote things that I believe in and I think are great products and add value to my readers lives.  The is no fee for a giveaway, except a free product to me.  In order to be able to promote your item I need to use your product in order to agree to give one away on my site.

I will create a post showing how I used your product.  There will be links back to your site. I am honest about my thoughts on products.  Typically there is no problem with a product but if there is a problem I will contact you first to discuss any issues to see if further instruction is needed.   Why should you advertise? It is all about name recognition.  Sometimes you don’t see immediate results, sometimes you do but the more places you get your ad and name out there, the more people will see it and start to notice it. As they see your ad over and over they recognize and remember your ad! That is why Coca-Cola is who they are today-NUMBER ONE. As soon as you see the logo you know exactly who they are.

I typically post at least 5 times a week.  Don’t miss any chance to have your business notices by my readers.

I have personally gone back to blogs to look for a specific ad because I remembered them and wanted to check out their products.  I did not need the item immediately but I took note of it and when I did I went back and placed my order.  It doesn’t generally happen the first time. Advertising is very important for name recognition. Get your name and your product out there Today!
If you would be interested in our other site we have sponsorship opportunities at as well. 



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I am pleased to increase my advertising commitment to you in a time when I have reduced my advertising, I feel that with you I have a good partner for the disc hangers.

Over the last 2 years with your help, through your blog ( and latterly the DIY club, I have seen my sales and the awareness of the disc hangers raise over 25%….

I am very pleased to work with you and hope to do so for many years.

kind regards



I recently contacted Cheri to do some advertising on and I must say that dealing with Cheri was a pleasant suprise as she was very attentive to all the details to ensure that we got everything correct the first time around, she was incredibly responsive, and extremely reasonable in her advertising rates. With the ad running it drove a noticeable amount of traffic to my website which turned into some great conversions and new happy customers for us. Thanks so very much Cheri.
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The Back Porch Shoppe    Hi everybody!     Just a quick thanks to Cheri for including me in her giveaway and for the  advertising of my store! I love everything here....easy to navigate, helpful hints,  fun readings....GREAT JOB!!!    If you are planning a wedding and would like to put together a beautiful "Shabby  Sign Wedding Package", visit my store, mention that you read this on Cheri's blog,  and you will get 10% off your signs before shipping! Deal? Deal.    Have a great day!  Darline


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