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Rumor Has It

I have known Cheri for 39 years & am enormously blessed to still have her in my life. Since as long as I can remember, I have seen in her enormous Faith, courage, motivation, dedication & creativity beyond measure. There is nothing she can’t do when she sets her mind to it. She is devoted to God & her family & accomplishes more in a single day than most people do in several days running. She astounds me with her energy & enthusiasm, not to mention her inspirations, ideas & talent when it comes to crafting clothing & decorations. Cheri is So Very…AMAZING…all the way around!”

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“I ran across Cheri’s Blog this past summer, and was instantly hooked!
I think what touched me the most about her blog was that her big
heart just seemed to shine instantly through her posts. I felt like I
was visiting an old friend, and found it comforting. She’s committed
to her faith, husband, and family. She’s a supermom, really, always
capturing the smiles of her four adorable children and special family
traditions. Her blog expresses her life’s loves and many talents.
Her creativity is inspiring, and her recipes are yummy! She is
dedicated to her blog and her followers, and opens up to each with
a loyal heart. I still don’t know where she gets all of her energy,
but she is truly a remarkable person, and I’m so glad to call her my
~Lisa Bradford

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It’s been the highlight of my blog world to get to know Cheri! Her name is dropped everywhere. I must admit that’s why I was a bit timid about approaching her and asking that she visit me in my humble little blog so I put it off for a while and just “admired from afar”. Finally I just did it! I (cyber)walked right up to her and introduced myself. What a wonderful person she is! (Not scary at all!) Such a genuine and sweet person… and a Florida dweller too! LOL. I love visiting her blog! It’s packed with information,insight and just plain good friendship! It’s why I always say “Everybody loves Cheri!” . I know I do.
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I met Cheri last year as one of the first blogs I started reading and I have loved her since then! She always communicates with me. If I ask the simplest question, she never fails to answer and explain. She is so thoughtful when I am having a hard time (cousin in Afghanistan). She has taught me so much and given me quite a few laughs over the past year. She is a great person all the way around and I am glad to know her!
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I have to brag on Ms. Cheri and her wonderful blog! First of all, from a content perspective, Cheri never disappoints. Her blog is full of great ideas and inspiration, all on a budget and all easy to understand. I look forward to seeing what she is “cooking up” next. Second, you’ll never meet a sweeter lady out here in decorating blogland. For a “newbie” blogger like me, to get an email from Cheri was so exciting. Let’s face it, she’s got ALOT of followers and she’s a BUSY lady! She’s what I like to call a “professional” blogger, someone I look up to, my “blogging idol”. And she has the time to send lil ole me an email?! That’s what’s so special about Cheri…she cares and you feel like you’re old friends immediately! She’s interested in what you are doing and she’s always eager to help. I sent her an email once with a blog “technical” question, seriously not expecting a response from this super busy lady and she responded immediately and walked me through my problem. I’ve so enjoyed my new friendship with Cheri! She’s truly a class act!
Finesse Your Nest
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Cheri is such a sweet person who I am really enjoying getting to know through her blog. Her blog is one I could spend forever reading and looking at. It is endlessly creative and features all kinds of different projects, projects that fit everyones different personalities.
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