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Favorite Rides at Disney World’s 4 main parks

by CHERI on May 29, 2012

Follow Me on Pinterest I am listing both rides and events.

One thing I can say about Disney–it is a full 4D experience.

We did pass up some rides or events that had long wait periods.  (We know we can go back again and again so we went on the things we wanted most this time.)


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  • Mission to Space–feel the G-force as you feel like you are taking off for Mars. Beware you can feel a little sick on this ride (they even supply barf bags on the ride).
  • Soarin–a hang gliding ride that takes you over California.  You go over the Golden Gate bridge, snowing mountains, rivers, the ocean, a golf course, orange groves.  You will feel the breeze, smells oranges, have a golf ball just about hit you…it is an amazing ride. This is a pretty mellow ride. They do recommend that you look straight ahead so you don’t mess up your balance and keep you from feeling ill.
  • Turtle Talk with Crush–an interactive Crush talks with the kids, kids can ask questions and Crush answers them.  Our kids were amazed at how he responded to the kids questions.
  • Innoventions–there are 2 areas for this.  You can build your own video game, play it then e-mail it to yourself so you can play it over and over again at home.  You can also build your own roller coaster ride and ride it-you can make it go super high, or super fast…
  • The kids had fun getting their passports stamped for each country.  We rode a boat in Mexico, tried crepes in France. We saw the Eiffel Tower, Mayan Temples and Liberty Square plus so much more.  We saw a lot of people enjoying Octoberfest in Germany.  The video show in the Canadian area was pretty awesome (just wish you could sit and watch it–FEET WERE HURTING).

Unfortunately the Test Teack was closed and will not re-open until Fall.

It is really neat to get an overview of so many countries.  Our kids range from 5-15 so there is a variety of LIKES at each park.

Hollywood Studios

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Tower of Terror

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  • Tower of Terror–the ride has several different routes so go on it more than once to see what it is like. They spook you out before you ever get on the ride.  This elevator ride goes up, then it may move forward down a hallway–all before you drop from the floor–many many times.
  • Rock n Roller Coaster–fast, dark, neon lights and florescent paint, Aerosmith music.  You blast forward in the dark, with the exception of the neon lights flashing by you,  and Aerosmith music is playing while you ride.
  • Toy Story Mania–an arcade game ride all around the Toy Story theme.  The entire waiting line area is filled with over-sized Toy Story items.
  • Back Lot Tour–this is a nice event to see some of the behind the scenes things that go into making a movie.  It is about 45 minutes so it is nice to get off your feet for a break. You will see fire, explosions, gun fire, water gushing towards you…
  • Honey I shrunk the Kids–a fun over-sized play area that the kids can run and play and have fun in.

We missed all of the show times for the Star Tours, Indiana Jones, and Lights-Motor-Action Extreme Stunt Show.  : (

Magic Kingdom

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  • Splash Mountain–a Brer Rabbit adventure before you plunge into the water.  We were so hot we decided not to wear our rain ponchos.  We barely got wet.
  • Buzz Lightyear–a Space Ranger laser target game.  It was nice to get off of our feet and into air conditioning.   The kids all enjoyed it.
  • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor–a fun show in the air conditioning.  They use people in the audience as part of the show.  You can text in your own jokes.
  • Stitches Great Escape–another indoor show.  You are able to sit and enjoy the air conditioning.  This show has some surprises that happen throughout the show as STITCH ESCAPES.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean–A water ride that takes you on a prates journey.  Jack Sparrow looked authentic.
  • Tomorrowland Speedway–the little ones enjoyed being able to “drive” the car around the track.  It was raining on us the entire time but was still really fun.
  • Jungle Cruise–a boat ride through the jungle.  Each boat captain puts their own twists on the stories and adventures that they tell.
  • Tea Cups–I bet you can guess who enjoyed these.  Yep–Miss G4.  Mommy was a little dizzy after riding these.  We all rode–as we stood in line, the skies opened up and it poured until we left the park.
  • The night time parade and fireworks were great.  We did have a very disappointed Miss G4 -they didn’t have Tinkle Bell fly across the audience.  I hope that is something they just didn’t do that evening.  That night the fireworks were starting at 10pm.  We got up to the castle at 7:30pm and found a front row spot (many spots were already taken) and we sat on the ground (every bench was already taken at that time) and waited till the show started.  They do entertainment on the castle stage while you wait.  They had the kids in the audience do a parade with musical instruments.  Our little kids got to participate and had fun.  Yes, it is a long wait –if you want a good seat– but they try to do things to entertain you.  They do the night time parade before the fireworks, so you aren’t just sitting there but you do need to get a place early or you won’t be able to see a thing.
  • The people mover–gets you off your feet as you travel “tomorrowland” style.

Animal Kingdom

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  • Expedition Everest
  • Kali River Rapid Rides–this ride is one of our favorites.  (It was quite disappointing to stand in line for 45 minutes only to have the ride closed for several hours.  We left before being able to ride this ride–this time.)  We were also disappointed to see that the “bubble” fountain was just a regular fountain.
  • Dinosaur–a scary adventure with dinosaurs around every corner.
  • It’s Tough To Be A Bug–a fun show from the view point of the bugs.  It is both educational, fun, “air conditioned”, 3D glasses but it is really a 4D show where there are “scents” and “feeling” going on in the show.
  • The Tree of Life–is fun to walk around and look at.  It’s Tough To Be A Bug show takes place in the Tree of Life.

The Safari ride is fun.  We did not go on it this time.  I would recommend going first thing in the morning or just before they close.  The animals are more active when it is cooler.  (I am too.)

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