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The weight loss journey

by CHERI on March 9, 2013

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This woman has changed my life forever. I am grateful EVERY single day for that phone call. What IF she had been afraid that she would offend me, when she called to share her weight loss journey. What IF she had never placed that call. I would still be miserable and searching for the key to unlock this weight loss mystery. As she talked I was curious ..”what is it?” “is it expensive?” “just give me a website!” “I’ve done so many other programs before, how is this different?”
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I decided to give it one month. In that first month, I lost 15 lbs (lost 9 1/2 inches), dropped 3 full pant sizes and had more energy than I could contain. I felt 20 years younger. I KNEW this program was different.  (I am still on my journey and have lost even more from the picture above.  I guess it is time for a new picture.)  I lose 2-2.5 lbs every week.

Our kids were eating healthier too.

My friend loved me enough to step away from the fear of offending me and she has changed our lives.

The next time I see her– there will be a LONG hug and some tears of joy. I adore her and thank God for her. I am GRATEFUL–every single day– for her being there.

I’m also thankful that in those early days Vonda told me that I should be a health coach as well and help others succeed.

I am emotionally wrapped up in the success of every client. I love hearing things like:
**In 3 weeks my cholesterol has dropped from 200 to 149
**I just put on a pair of pants that I have not been able to get on in years.
**My wedding rings fit again
**I can run and play with my kids because I feel so great
**Thank you Cheri for pursuing me– this has changed my life. (get out the tissues because I love them and I want them to succeed.)

Vonda lost 30 pounds in 2 months.
She has paid it forward to me and a lot of other people who are now getting healthy and now I pay it forward as well.

Are you ready to put aside those doubts and get to the point of saying “OK I need to CONTACT Cheri!!!”?
Message me with your number. If I can do it–anyone can do this.

*Results vary. Typical results are 2-5 lbs the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.*

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