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Do I want it?

by CHERI on March 21, 2014

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Have you struggled all of your life with weight OR did it come on after you got pregnant and could never get it off again?
Have you ever known a healthy weight/size?

Some clients have issues with food, others just don’t know how to fuel their body and what to eat and what to stay away from — so your body is fueled properly, so your body does all the work in shedding the pounds.

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Let me ask you–

–What if there was a weight loss program that not just focused on weight loss but also on Healthy Habits that you could incorporate and learn the rest of your life?
–What if this program allowed you to eat 6 times a day (YES 6 TIMES A DAY) and NOT do any exercise unless you really want to?
or until you reach a healthy weight!
–What if while having the Fast, rapid weight loss you were NOT hungry or have very little cravings for your “go to, or favorite comfort foods” that leave you feeling ashamed or helpless?
–What if while you were losing the weight quickly your energy level was through the roof and you could get everything done or feel good while doing it?
–and what if you had someone who has been in your shoes before and could guide you each step of the way?
–Last but not least, what if this program was less than what your probably spending in groceries or on eating out now?

**Well you’re in luck, because this is the exact program that myself and many coaches that I have partnered with have done–and can do the same for you and assist you or someone you love.

Message me for a free Health consultation and see if our program is a fit for you and to hear more details.

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One of our clients just hit the CENTURY MARK for weight loss.

It is my honor to walk this journey- with every one of our clients.

You can do it too.

You just have to ask yourself–

Do I want it?

Cheri Peoples
COPE Certified Health Coach

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