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Its So Very Renovated

by CHERI on March 22, 2010

Its So Very Renovated can be old or new.  Of course we invite antiques to be shown but if you have renovated something from your basement or Moms attic and given it a new purpose or newbirth rather than trashing it, it has been renovated.

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Miss G4s Shabby Chic Room
Her is a good example of a renovation that is not an old antique, although she does have some antique renovated pieces in her room.

After 3 boys (and I adore my boys) I went all out on the pink.

This is Miss G4’s room (before we moved) and although I sold her toddler sleigh bed-that I painted and roughed up to look shabby-before we moved because she was going to go into a BIG girl bed.  I made her baby/toddler bed comforter,curtains, bed skirt etc and added to her bedspread-when she got into her real big girl bed. I’ll show her comforter later in this post.  I love it-it’s so girly. I made it all without a pattern.

The dresser was so disgusting when we got it (there was magic marker and finger nail polish all over the top).  I kilzed and painted it, sanded and roughed it up, added new hardware and onlays and it came out OH SO FABULOUS.
The only thing in this room that I did not do completely by myself is her mirror. My hubby made the frame, we added the mirror then I  added the onlays that made it just perfect for her shabby chic room, then painted, sanded and roughed it up.

Our sweet Miss Goo-she was so proud of her room and loved taking anyone who came over to show them her room and her “big” girl bed.

I also made her curtains-they reminded me of a crown.

Here is the chandelier I made

I did her chandelier as well and made the tea cups that are on the chandelier. I literally started with greenware then cut a hole in the bottom just big enough to go over the fixture, had them fired, then painted them.. They came out a totally different color than the sample-they looked peach and it clashed so bad.  I called the man who owned the shop and he suggested painting over them white–well that DID NOT work so we started all over again, this time I was just going with white.  (The teacups and saucers were fired together so they are one piece, keeping them from slipping and clanging.  They are not glued down to the chandelier, they just sit there.)

Weeks went by and I had not heard on my tea cups.  I finally was able to talk with the owner and the cups literally melted in the kiln–ugh.

He offered to do them for me a third time at no cost, this time–but he took months to get them done and they still did a weird thing in the kiln but they came out so unique and different and I love them–I  told you how to do a tea cup to go over the fixture but I can not tell you how to get this technique again.   The tea cups came out so unique, it was a quirky thing that happened with them-the gentleman that owned the ceramic shop where I made them called me to come look at them and he said there is no way he could ever make them do this again. He had people asking if they could buy them from him and he had people leaving their names wanting them if I walked away from them.
I think they add to the shabby chic look of the chandelier. I love them. They are one of a kind and that fits right in with my eclectic style.

See those deep grooves and the way the paint bubbled.  Every cup has it’s own unique design.

In all those months that he took here are a few of the episodes that took place–it’s amazing we ended up with any teacups at all.  If you look close at the chandelier you will notice that we are one tea cup and saucer short. I began making her tea cups and saucers over a month before her 1 year birthday and we had one problem after another. My husband went to pick them up for me. This was the 3rd or 4th time the cups were being picked up. He got home and I opened them and we had one too few cups and saucers and the color was totally wrong again. We finally got the cups and saucers 11 months after I began the process and only because we were moving so they were never on her chandelier in her room at the old house. I also made the lampshades with an adorable pink rose bud chenille.

This is a close up of the lampshade. Don’t you just love that material?

I need to extend the stem that the light goes into so the lampshades sit a little higher up but I can deal with it till I can get to it.

I worked on the dresser-I so wish I had a before picture-you would be inspired to look at something very ugly and imagine the beauty it could be. Look at that sweet shawl just to the left of her made from scratch mirror-isn’t that so cute. I picked that up at a children’s consignment shop.

I bought the hutch in her room before I was ever married. It was just a solid wood, no stain or sealer. My husband thought I was crazy when I decided to paint it white but once I had it painted he liked it. The olive green glass vase is something I got from my Grandmother’s house and I treasure it. I made most of the blankets on the shelf and made all the basket liners to go inside the baskets-much cheaper than buying the already lined baskets or buying the basket liners. I did not want them all the same-I wanted it to look eclectic-mis matched-Shabby chic so I made each one a little different.

I guess there are several Renovations that went on but the one I am focusing on is Miss G4’s baby quilt transformation that went from this:

to this:

As I was making her baby quilt I just loved it so much that I decided to make it so that I could add to it, eventually.

Miss G4 loves pink so it is a good thing I made her bedding in pink.

I hand made the chenille that is around the center flower and leaves.

Lots of different kinds of pink, shabby chic fabrics and hand quilting to make it Oh So Shabby Chic.

I scalloped the bottom of the diamond quilted fabric and added roses. I hand made all of the roses for the bottom of the quilt.

I think this shows that I can sew and enjoy things that I create the pattern for. I did not make any of her bedding, bed skirt, curtains etc from a pattern-it was all created in my head without a pattern.

She still gets in my makeup.  I will have to get a picture of her–she will put mascara on her eyes and lipstick on her lips and tell me she wants to be as pretty as her Mommy.

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1 Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions March 22, 2010 at 9:08 pm

So girly girl, Cheri! I love the curtains and valance you made. Very princess-like!

2 Tina @ Enchanted Rose Studio March 22, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Wow Cheri, after reading the story, it’s amazing the lamp was finished! It is so charming. I love her bedding. The lampshades are so pretty! Love the girly princess room! What a dream!


3 beth anne March 22, 2010 at 9:36 pm

if i had a daughter…that would be my dream room!!!

4 Morgan March 22, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Cheri! I would LOVE LOVE to do a blog swap that would be so fun! Email me or I will email with you and we can go over the details!


5 Holly L March 23, 2010 at 12:07 am

A beautiful room for for a sweet girl. This room would be any girls dream…it would even be mine right now. I am completely in love with the chandelier and the quilt…oh my the quilt is beautiful. All of the ideas are so inspiring.

6 Tammy@InStitches March 23, 2010 at 8:33 am

Her room is beautiful, you did a great job !

7 Danielle March 23, 2010 at 9:27 am

Her room is sooooo girly. I love LOVE it! If I didn’t have husband, I would have to copy that 😉 The Mister would think I’m absolutely nuts if I painted our walls pink and glued tea cups to the chandelier!

8 Kendall@Finesse Your Nest March 23, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Oh Cheri, that dresser and chandy are just the BOMB! If I had a daughter I would totally do a “pink explosion” bedroom. I love it!

9 Lisa March 23, 2010 at 7:11 pm

Oh Cheri! How very beautiful! I love it all! I hope your sweetie likes her new room!
Hugs, Lisa

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